Anonymous said: where do you record?

Various places but mostly at home.

Anonymous said: Why did you switch from being a one man band to a full band? I liked the one man band better. :(

I like the full band better.

Anonymous said: is there any plans to make physical copies of old releases?

There’s always physical copies of atleast one old release in the merch booth at shows for fans that want them. We currently have Theater Of The Absurd and Misery Machine on cassette. All the In The Beginning cassettes have been sold but new editions are being made. If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, just ask.

Anonymous said: You sound like shit.

You’re entitled to your opinion but it doesn’t make it fact.

Anonymous said: Have you heard of Reddit Radio?

Yes. We have several tracks uploaded to it.

Anonymous said: Do you do benefit shows?

You name it, we’ll play it. 

Anonymous said: why does the live band sound so much different from the recordings on the albums?

Because if everything sounded the same it’d just grow tiring. I allow everyone in the band alot of creative freedom once they learn the songs to play them however they want. It hasn’t failed me yet.

Updates & Shit

Demons & Harlots has been uploaded to bandcamp.

We now have 5 members.

I’m steadily recording new material. I’m trying to give fans time to listen to albums before I release more.

We have a show next Sunday (November 17th) at Garaj Mahal with M.E.H, Abacus, and Pig Champion.

Odd one off shows are in the works. Including cover sets, acoustic shows, fan play along shows, etc.

Under The Influence Vol 1 is going to feature the first full band recordings. Half of the album is the normal solo effort and the other half is full band recordings of songs you may or may not have heard us cover live.

An acoustic album is being recorded and will hopefully be out by January. It will contain several new songs and several old songs in a new format.

Our rehearsal space/studio has been taken over by ladybugs and it looks like they’re here to stay till spring rolls around.

We’re still working on an entertaining stage show.

We’re working on transportation issues that prevent us from playing out of town shows and/or touring.

We’re currently #14 on the ReverbNation charts for Rock in Greenville, SC.

We are now on so many social networks and websites that I forget to update some. This one being one. I’m going to make an honest attempt to update this tumblr account from now on and I will be getting to the questions people have asked soon. For constant updates, check facebook.

Merch is coming and going. Everything we make is very limited. Certain things sell really fast and some don’t. The best way to get merch and check out new stuff is to come check us out at shows. The second best way is to check the merch tab on our bandcamp page. Alot of the merch ends up there since we only play 1 show a month and the demand for merch has increased recently. Everything will always remain DIY and unique.

That’s all for now or atleast I think so.


Satan In Bondage albums dropping within the next 3 months:

Fuck FM (Single) - 3+ Tracks (2 new songs + different mixes)

Demons And Harlots - 6+ Tracks (Album recorded purely with drum machines and keyboards/synths) (New Material)

Under The Influence: Vol 1 - 10+ Tracks (All or most of the covers Satan In Bondage has ever done featuring covers of Big Black, Beck, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips, Ween, and more) (Rehash+New Material)

Be(a)st Of: Vol 1 - 20+ Tracks (Best of compilation ranging from 2007 to 2012) (Previously only available at shows) (Pure Rehash)

Easter 2013 Rehearsal - 5 Tracks (Previously only available at shows) (New Rehearsal Material)

The Ritual: Extended - 10+ Tracks (Previously only available at shows) (Rehash+New Material)

A big boxset is currently in the works as well that’ll contain the entire Satan In Bondage discography along with several other rarities. It will be available in extremely limited quantity with alternative artwork for every album. Goodies included with the boxset will include cassettes, cds, dvds, a flashdrive, a t-shirt, copies of hand written lyrics, and more. There will only be 10 of these ever made and they will mainly be for the die hard fans and none of the material inside the boxset will appear in the same form ever again.








SUNDAY 7/21 123…

Go check out this tour if you happen to be along the route. Hell, go check it out even if you aren’t.

3 notes

Live show #4 is this Thursday. It’s the first solo set in a long time and probably won’t be happening often. If you’re going to be around Spartanburg, SC on Thursday June 13th, come see Satan In Bondage at GroundZero.

Garaj Mahal. 4/20/13. First live show in 2 years.

I’ve been booked for my first show in 2 years. It’s at Garaj Mahal in Greenville, SC on 4/20 with alot of great local bands including Dables, Jake Xingu, Rubrics, M.E.H. and others. Wanting to deliver a different live show than those in the past, I have gotten a keyboard player. His name is Will Hodges and he is the man behind Weapon YZ. You can listen to his solo work at We practiced for the first time the other day and it’s definately going to be a different experience for everyone involved. So far we have She Devil, Big Brother, and New Years Resolutions down and ready to play live.

At the show, there will be limited cassette releases of The Ritual, EP Collection Vol. 1, Theater Of The Absurd, and more.

world-of-giants said: What's up? I haven't heard from you in a long time... give me a call or some feeedback or something. I've got two albums to finish and I sorely need some energy from somebody else to motivate me. Also, if you happen to have some sort of device/appliance that has a gear in it that I could use, that would be appreciated.

I’d be glad to sit back and help hype you up. My new work schedule has been hell to get used to but now that I’m starting to get the hang of it, it should be no time before we could get together and bounce ideas off each other again. I don’t know about helping you find that gear but next time you come over we’ll search the house for something that you can use.

Anonymous said: ur a fag

fucking hater i’m not wasting my energy on you.

lilahlavey said: What is that playing on that little white tape?

One of them featured an early demo of a cover of Pink Floyd’s Free Four from my Theater Of The Absurd album, one was Dables’ cover of Daniel Johnston’s Casper The Friendly Ghost, one was The Fall Of Lucifer from the Theater Of The Absurd album, one was a horrorcore song I recorded for my friend Dan when he had a 2 man rap group called Elements Of Insanity, and one was my song Please Don’t Forget To Feed The Fish. All the links have changed at this point and don’t work but every song but the Elements Of Insanity song have been released and can be found on bandcamp.